About Us

The Wonder Women group is the vision of transformation coach Michelle MacDonald.  In her decade of coaching in the fitness industry it became apparent that there was a gap between how female physique athletes were coached versus how lifestyle clients were coached. This was especially seen for women in the over 40 category. Michelle works with lifestyle clients in a very similar manner as her athletes.  They learn how to follow macro-based nutrition plans, they learn how to improve form in the gym, and use progressive overload to achieve incredible results, and they use a variety of cardio techniques to help drive progress. There is no ‘dumbing-down’ of any of the tools to create physique change. The assumption is that a woman of any age whether she's 18 or 80 is just as capable of mastering a few simple methodologies as an athlete, and she can achieve incredible success with transforming her body, and along with it, her mindset.